Edgar Allan Poe

By: Bayli Tilley

Edgar Allan Poe is most known for being a fearless critic who didn't care what anyone thought about him. He wrote many classic books and is known as the inventor of the modern detective stories.

His Accomplishments

He was the innovator of the science fiction genre, literary critic and theoretician. He was introduced into the Hall of Fame in 1910 in New York.   

Why Is He Famous?

Edgar Allan Poe is known for his tales of terror and his haunting lyric poetry. He is mostly known for his scathing book reviews...known as a fearless critic who not only attacked the author’s work but also insulted the author and the establishment. Helped make the Messenger the most popular magazine in the south.

How Powerful Was He?

Poe targeted some of the most famous authors and their establishments. Poe could end any author's career if he wanted to. Poe scared many people and didn't care what they thought of him.

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