Physics in Nursing

Everything you see- physics. Everything you touch- physics. Everything you do- physics. Everything is physics. Physics can be seen all throughout your daily life. The scientific definition is "the study of matter, energy, and the interaction between them (” But what does that really mean? It is experimenting, observing, questioning, trying to figure out unknown answers, movement, and understanding how things work together and the way they do. Physics is messing up, but never failing to try again.

Your future career is intertwined in physics. Nursing is a prime example of how physics can be seen in your career.

Nursing is considered the “oldest profession”. Women had to be caretakers or nurses to their families before doctors or hospitals ever came in the picture (Weatherford). “The home, in fact, was the center of health care… all nursing was home nursing (Weatherford).”

The action of a push or a pull, force, is seen often in nursing. For example, a nurse may push a patient in a wheelchair. This encompasses Newton’s 1st Law, “an object at rest remains at rest… unless a force acts on it (” Therefore, the wheelchair (object) stays still until the nurse uses force to push the wheelchair. Newton’s 1st law also says that “an object… if in motion will remain in motion… unless a force acts on it (” As a result, the wheelchair will stay moving until the nurse uses force to stop it.

Almost every single doctor’s appointment includes a checkup in weight. This is found by a machine that calculates the pull of gravity on the person’s mass. The final example is the unbalanced force that allows nurses to give injections. An unbalanced force is, “having a force that is stronger on one side than the other, causing movement of an object (” The nurse’s force with the injection is greater than the force/resistance of the skin and muscle which allows the shot to be injected into your body.

Without physics in the world, there would be nothing because everything is physics. No object would be able to remain at rest. No object would be able to remain in motion. It’s impossible, this life is impossible without the involvement of movement, force, rest, motion, gravity, and most importantly physics. Physics is what makes the world go round.

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