By: Jacoy Gilbert-Suarez

His Life

Hello people of the earth did you know that in 1971, during the US Apollo 15 space mission, James Benson Irwin became the eighth person to walk on the moon.  During the first ever use of the lunar roving vehicle, or Moon Buggy, he and mission commander David Scott found a four billion year old rock.  Irwin found the lunar mission to be a religious eye opener and later on created a Christian religious organisation.  He was very religious.

James Benson Irwin was born and grew up in Pittsburgh,  Pennsylvania America.  His father worked as a steam fitter at the Carnegie Museum, running the power plant.  Irwin’s life long fascination with flying machines began before second grade when a neighbour gave him a model plane.  His interest grew when his father would take him to a nearby airport to watch planes take off and land. 

This was the trip that James Irwin became the 8th person to walk on the moon.  During this trip he was accompanied by David R Scott. Together they discovered a 4 billion year old piece of moon crust, now called Genesis Rock.  The Genesis Rock is extremely valuable because it has given astronomers and scientists clues on how the solar system was made.  This then became the information that the rest of world learned, about the solar system.

In 1966, the year he turned 36 which was the age limit for astronaut candidates,
he was finally accepted in the astronaut program.  He was put in charge of the testing program for the lunar landing module that was being built.

In the early 1980’s, Irwin mounted annual expeditions to Mount Ararat in Turkey in search of Noah’s Ark.  In 1982 he made it to the mountain top but fell and was injured.  The next year he flew a plane over the summit to look for remains of the ark, but never found any.  Irwin had a history of heart problems and died of a heart attack on August 8, 1991.  He was the first of the moon walkers to die.

James Irwin had four children and adopted one.  Their names were Joy, Jill, James, Jan and Joe, who was adopted.  Funny how all their names started with the
letter J, like his.  Probably because it is such an awesome letter (hint, hint – Jacoy).
It is said that Joy is following in his fathers footsteps. 


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