Create a Personalized Valentine
Using Pic Monkey

Super Simple VS. More Complex:
YOU Decide!

If you are looking for the simplest way to throw a couple of pictures together, add an embellishment or two and some text and have a personalized valentine in less than 15 minutes?  Watch my video below.

Or...if you want to create something a little bit more creative, follow the steps below!

Step 1:
Open Pic Monkey & Select Design

Select DESIGN & Choose CUSTOM for the canvas dimensions.

Step 2: Decide & Set Dimensions

  1. Using the button above, check out Pic Monkey's Photo Print Size help page.
  2. Decide which size photo you'd like to print.  (For an inexpensive option if you are doing valentines for a whole classroom for example, I suggest 4x6.)
  3. Type the appropriate dimensions.

Step 3:  Add an Overlay
(Butterfly Icon)

Select "Your Own" & Choose Photo

Step 4: Add Other Overlays & Embellishments

I used a speech bubble so that I could write "Happy Valentine's Day"
as though it was coming from Cam.

When I first inserted the speech bubble, it was white.
I had to change it to a color of my choice.

The handle at the top center of images is the rotate tool.  I used it to make the speech bubble look like the words were coming from Cam.

Step 6: Add Text

Double-click in the text box & type.  You can change font, color, size, alignment. To learn more about adding text, see my Tackk below.

Step 7:  Add Texture

Play with these and have fun!  There are a ton to choose from!
You can also insert your own if you choose!

Step 8: Add More Embellishments
(if desired)

You'll notice when you add embellishments from the overlays that the color is completely customizable!  I chose to change this bi-colored heart to black and hot pink to match the text bubble.  The eyedropper tool can be used to pull the exact color from anywhere in your design so you can match elements exactly!

Once I was happy with the heart's color, I copied and pasted it several times to decorate and embellish the design.

Step 9:  SAVE

If you intend to send this 4x6 image to be printed at a store like Walmart, Target, or Walgreens, be sure to save the image as a JPG.

Step 10: Print

If you have a printer and plenty of toner or ink, print away!  

I have found sending the pictures to a photo printing business is a wonderful way to get
high-quality images without using a ton of my own toner!

Email me with Questions!