Pictoguard Helps Individuals and Companies Take Control of their Brand Image Online

Pictoguard is an online reputation management company that also assists those looking for web development and search engine optimization services. At this time, Pictoguard has remove images from Google search to the tune of over 100,000 images on 15,000 websites. Their team of experts is proficient in many languages, allowing them access to international webhosts for tricky content and image removal negotiations.

A representative from Pictoguard stated, “Our team removes negative images and content from the internet with the latest takedown procedures, we remove pictures from Google through our heavyweight team of hired consulting lawyers and custom software programmers. The checks and balances of our custom software and web-tools systems ensure efficient and affordable removal services with niche knowledge of media, fashion and sole proprietor related issues.”

Experts on How to Remove Images from Google Search

Pictoguard’s specialty lies in remove pictures from Google for celebrities, photographers, and models. People in the media tend to need Pictoguard’s services due to the vast number of images and the huge amount of unregulated content on the Internet surrounding their name. Their clients include models that are changing careers, models who want to scrub lewd or inappropriate images from the internet, photographers who wish to portray a new image, and countless other scenarios.

Pictoguard’s campaign to improve their client’s online reputation includes social media strategies, public relations strategies, removal strategies and content promotion. They build Google-friendly websites to launch their client’s positive content and imagery, while constantly monitoring the internet for nefarious material relevant to the client.

About Pictoguard:

Pictoguard is a Reputation Management, Search Engine Optimization and Web Development Services Company based in New York City. They provide their client’s with the most innovative and technologically-advanced reputation techniques for quick and easy positive online reputation management. They are skilled at remove pictures from Google, making them a leading online reputation management company.

For more information please visit: http://www.pictoguard.com
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