Pictoguard Offers Personal Reputation Management Services to Companies and Individuals

This press release is to inform readers that Pictoguard offers personal management reputation services to companies and individuals.

Pictoguard is the internet’s leading reputation management company. They have served hundreds of clients including celebrities, writers, stylists, models, and everyday people. In today’s digital age, their services are vital to the health of every company’s or individual’s brand name. As a personal reputation management company, Pictoguard first combs the internet for unfavorable content be it imagery, blog posts, etc. Once the offending images and passages are located, Pictoguard sets into motion its plan to remove negative search results. Their team is comprised of copyright lawyers and skilled software programmers who know how to remove negative search results; in fact, they have removed 100,000 images off of 15,000 URL’s to date.

A spokesperson from Pictoguard stated, “Pictoguard’s team is fluent in a range of languages and are constantly updated with the latest changes to image protection in the U.S. and internationally. No matter where infringing material is hosted, we can help! We assist on all national and foreign sites and have specialists who write Spanish, Italian, French, Chinese, Hindi and most importantly, Russian; where the ability to remove negative search results can be especially difficult and webhosts from around the world use ISP’s here as a content cage.”

The Stake in Personal Reputation Management Today

The Internet is replete with information: negative, positive, and indifferent. The internet is not a judge; it does not have an opinion on the type of content it displays. It simply is. That’s why it’s so important for both companies and individuals to hire experienced personal reputation management companies to help them look good on Google. The fact that they can remove negative search results, and have already improved dozens of company reputations, speaks volume about their abilities.

About Pictoguard:

Pictoguard is a Personal Reputation Management, Search Engine Optimization and Web Development Services Company based in New York City. They provide their client’s with the most innovative and technologically-advanced reputation techniques for quick and easy positive online reputation management. They are skilled at remove negative search engine results, making them a leading online reputation management company.

For more information please visit: http://www.pictoguard.com

Contact Info:
1 Little West 12th St.
New York, NY 10014

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