Pictoguard Protects Your Online Reputation

Do you look good on Google? Millions of searches are performed on search engines every day. How many of those searches are done on you, and how many of them turn up positive results? We live in a world where a company’s and an individual’s reputation can be tarnished and even destroyed by errant images and slanderous comments on blogs, in articles, and in forums.

Celebrity reputation management is no longer a luxury, it is now a necessity. Paparazzi and even everyday people are taking pictures and videos all the time, at alarming rates. With cameras and video cameras built into smartphones, it’s easier than ever to simply point and click. Pictoguard knows how to remove a photo from google images so it can’t harm or even destroy reputations.

Pictoguard doesn’t just help celebrities; in fact, many of their clients are also every day business people, writers, artists, and students, just about anyone who has a stake in the quality of their online reputation. Technology is at a point where it is almost too easy to tarnish your reputation on the internet. An image is taken and forwarded over SMS, and suddenly it is on the internet for all to see. This instantaneous process has ruined lives and shamed businesses. That’s why Pictoguard takes pride in their experience in knowing how to remove a photo from google images. Removal can take from two days up to two months; depending on the difficulty of the case for quicker results.

Hollywood stars and musical luminaries alike have landed themselves in internet hot water. That’s why celebrity reputation management is so important, and that’s why Pictoguard’s image make-over is so important. Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears and other celebrity household names rely on adoring fans for their well-received celebrity status, and that’s why so many of them are turning to celebrity reputation management companies like Pictoguard to pull them out of that hot water.

Pictoguard’s clients attest to their swift, quality, efficient work and their knowledge on how to remove a photo from google images. They have removed tens of thousands of images, thereby mending and maintaining hundreds of their clients’ reputations.

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