Pictoguard Shares Numerous Online Branding Success Stories

This press release is to inform readers that Pictoguard shares numerous online branding success stories.

Pictoguard is an online reputation management company that helps celebrities, actors, writers, and everyday people remove image from Google. Social media and the ability to capture images through phones and tablets has turned today’s world into a place where someone’s intimate life is all-too familiar. When trust is broken, or privacy breached, it may seem like the Internet is too mammoth to take on, but Pictoguard, with their skilled programmers and lawyers, know how to remove photos from Google images so individual and brand reputations can be restored.

When asked about their success stories, a spokesperson from Pictoguard said, “We have all types of success stories involving everyday people, models, and celebrities. One example is a model whose agency put her through a “re-branding” by giving her a new, more exciting name. Her old name had to be eliminated from Google, while her new “stage” name needed to rank high on the search engines. We were able to successfully accommodate her stage name and she is even now reaping the rewards.”

Stopping Sexy Images Before They Go Viral

Another success story lies with a fashion model that had the unfortunate experience of fans posting sexy images, as opposed to fashion or beauty images, online. Sexy images have a better chance of going viral, and if not caught ahead of time, they will. Over the years, 7,000 images over 290 websites had accumulated and were targeted for removal. After Pictoguard remove image from Google using specific packages, this fashion model’s online image is now represented by 80% fashion and beauty images, resulting in a 20% increase in her revenue.

About Pictoguard:

Pictoguard is a Personal Reputation Management, Online PR and Web Development Services Company based in New York City. They know how to remove photos from Google images and provide their client’s with the most innovative and technologically-advanced reputation techniques for quick and easy positive online reputation management. They are skilled at removing negative search engine results, making them a leading online reputation management company.

For more information please visit: http://www.pictoguard.com

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