Pieter Bergstein

Diversified Oil Transport Entrepreneur

About Pieter Bergstein

As owner and CEO of Bergstein Enterprises, Pieter Bergstein commands more than three decades of experience in the oil industry. He began his entrepreneurial career in 1981 with the founding of Bergstein Oilfield Services, which at one time expanded into the country's largest fleet of hot-oil trucks. Pieter Bergstein has also developed a successful environmental services firm, which has participated in oil and hazardous-waste cleanups at project sites in Saudi Arabia, California, and Valdez, Alaska.

Pieter Bergstein holds a bachelor of arts in international business from the American College of Switzerland. He completed graduate studies in Switzerland as well, having earned a master's degree in economics and finance from Webster University. He immigrated to the United States to accept a position in banking at a firm in Houston, Texas, where he saw the profit potential in the energy sector. He now owns one of the largest service companies of its kind in west Texas and eastern New Mexico and maintains interests in the water-hauling, vacuum truck, well servicing rig, frac tank, disposal, and real estate management industries.

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