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Do You Want to be a Senator and Work Here?

Salary and Benefits/Privileges

An average senator makes $174,000 a year! They also get great benefits such as, retirement health care, and life insurance. They get a lot of allowances such as, travel, house, personal, office, etc. Also, you can give yourself a pay raise, although it wouldn't take affect until the next term.


If you want to be a senator, you need to be at least 30 years old, have U.S. citizenship for at least 9 years, and be a resident of the state you want to represent.

If you meet the qualifications stated above then, you should know about what they do. Senators make and pass laws based on either, their own thoughts, the peoples thoughts, the parties thought,or all of the previous ones stated. They look at certain proposals and and choose what should be considered and at what time they should go through the full senate.

Terms of Office

The terms are six years long. 33 or 34 senators go up for re-election every 2 years. You can be a senator for the rest of your life if people continue to vote for you.

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