Is Canada the greatest country to live in?

Why Canada is the greatest country to live in?

Canada has many reasons to why it the greatest country to live in. Canada has one of the best immigrate system because it let family to stay together. Canada also have some amazing landform regions. The city in Canada are plan so that the residential in the city wouldn't get angry or upset about where their house is. Canada is also trying to find ways to make their industry to be more sustainable. These are the reason why Canada is the greatest country to live in.

Canada immigration

One reason why Canada is the best country to live in is that Canada has one of the best immigration. Canada let in about 250,000 immigrant each year. Canada let in 3 different type of immigrant: economic, family and refugee. The economic class immigrants is the largest type of immigrant and consist of skilled work and entrepreneur. After the economic immigrant is the family class immigrants which consist of husband, wife and children. Canada also have may pull factor to, for example there is freedom in Canada and some country have push factor to make them leave. This is why can has one of the best immigration system.

Interaction in the Physical Environment

Canada has seven amazing landform regions. The seven landform region are Western Cordillera, Interior Plains, Canadian Shield, Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Lowlands, Appalachians, Innuitian Mountains, and Hudson Bay and Arctic Lowlands. Each landform region has it own unique landscape, climate, vegetation and soil. The Western Cordillera has a mountain like terrain. The Interior Plains has a very flat terrain compare to Western Cordillera. The climate of each Landform region is affected by LOWERN (Latitude, Ocean currents, Wind, Elevation, Relief Barriers, Near large body of water.

Managing Canada's Resource and Industries

Canada has some excellent industry. The Industry are fishing, farming, forestry, Mining and energy. Each of the industry are need in Canada. The industry cause pollution but Canada is trying to reduce it. Canada try to reduce pollution by using less pesticide. This is why Canada have great industry.

Liveable Communities

Canada has many amazing community in city and rural area. Canada has urbanization, Canada trying to reduce it. The city community is divide into different area and the area are commercial, institional, industry and residential. Residential has 3 type of houses low density like detached house, medium density like town house and high density like apartment building. A lot of people want to live in low density so it cause urbanization but with a lot of high density building it can slow it down.


Canada has many reason why it the greatest country to live in. The reason above are the best reason why Canada is the greatest country to live in.

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