As listed by my Facebook friends, this is the best mom & pop pizza parlor's NE Ohio has to offer....we're talking suburbs people...not city pizza, of which we already know there is quite an impressive lot!

We're venturing out into the 'burbs. We're leaving our fancy pants pizza of the city off of this list (mostly because it's just so obviously good, it doesn't warrant additional research, we've put the time in. It's tried and true). This list is about venturing out and enjoying the pizza of our youth.

You remember your local pizza joint growing up, don't you? While many of the ones we remember no longer exist (RIP) because we've (sadly) gotten way older, there are just as many that still do, or others that have sprung up in their place. Once monthly (we've still got to respect our New Year's resolutions to lose weight/get fit blah blah blah) we will hit up one of the shops on this list. Just for fun and the simple and undeniable pleasure of good pizza.

So when thinking of where this pizza dream would take us, I reached out to my Facebook friends and I asked this question:

(and the places we'll try over the next year or so...)
PS: this is by no means a comprehensive list, if you are offended by the absence of your beloved neighborhood shop, please add it to the comments section! this is merely a list of the very helpful answers I received when I reached out to my friends in a critical time of pizza craving need.

The List (in no particular order)