Featuring Most Expensive Hotels in South East Asia

Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours has guided you through heavy rainforests, make you crave for the best chocolate in many countries, unveiled the unseen and introduced you to the best beaches. Now, we are bringing you into the most luxurious hotels in South East Asia. Your jaw might just drop a little bit for this amazing amenities and eye-bulging room cost.

Pan-Pacific Nirwana Bali Resort – Indonesia

Who doesn’t dream of setting foot on the beautiful island of Bali in Indonesia? Far from the bustling streets of the country’s capital, Jakarta with all its professional businessmen, this resort town is flowing with tourists at all times of the year, due in part to the almost year-round sunny weather, save for a few months of thunderstorms. Aside from the expanse of beach, there are other tourist attractions in Bali as well, such as waterfalls and temples. One of the many hotels of choice is the Pan Pacific Nirwana Bali Resort, a definite five-star hotel. Its two-bedroom villa goes for roughly $700 a night. It’s well-worth the price when you see its amenities, which include a huge living and dining area, private pool and garden, and breathtaking views. Who could ask for a better Bali vacation?

Shangri-la Hotel – Singapore

This is indeed the Lion City. As South East Asia’s most expensive city, it just seems likely that it also is a home of the most expensive hotels in the region. It’s a true melting pot of a myriad of cultures and traditions, with so many different types of nationalities residing in this minuscule nation. As a tourist destination and one that’s a little more expensive than its other Southeast Asian neighbors, it boasts of many 5-star hotels, one of which is the Shangri-La. The luxury hotel is found off Orchard Road, which is the main shopping district of the country. A suite goes for as much as $1,320 a night. It’s well-worth the price because a stay in any Shangri-La property guarantees guests five-star service and amenities. A lot of reviews have indeed emerged featuring this amazing place.

Six Senses Hideaway at Ninh Van Bay – Vietnam

Vietnam is starting to make a name for itself in Asia as it competes with its neighbors in tourist spots. Like many Asian countries, Vietnam is proud to have beautiful beaches dotting its land. One coastal city that has a lovely shoreline is Nha Trang. Since it’s a tourist spot, it has many hotels to house its visitors, one of which is Six Senses Hideaway at Ninh Van Bay. This luxury resort’s villa can cost around $1,490 a night and rightly so. Its earth-toned villas are nestled away from the madding crowd in a secluded little cove, offering the privacy and seclusion a quiet traveler craves.

Raffles Hotel – Singapore

It’s no surprise that the most expensive hotel in Southeast Asia is located in the region’s richest country. Singapore is home to Raffles Hotel, the seat of old-world opulence in all of Asia. Built in 1887 and mentioned in literature by some of the world’s greatest writers, Raffles’ all-white walls and marble columns further enhance the hotel’s class and elegance. No expanse is spared for you to enjoy and ensure a royal overnight stay which cost $9,600 a night. No complaints. None whatsoever.

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