Persuasive Essay  

Have you noticed on the news there's crime and corruption all over the world. what if all that can change. The issue that I'm getting at is the world needs more good people. Reasons for this is the world would change drastically also the prison system would decrease largely.

To begin with the world would change with an increase of good people the world would change for the better. The good influence from them would change peoples minds and their feeling about things. This is supported by some people in the prison system that have changed the lives of fellow inmates because of their good influence and their teaching on the inside their minds were changed and the made good people out of them. Furthermore around the world things spread around, an influence can travel around even if it's not told to you directly from that person they can change your mind.

In addition, the prison system would decrease in size. The reasoning behind it is with the good influence coming through as I previously talked about it changes peoples minds and makes them change their actions. The prove behind this is always been around in prisons the priests in the jail have changed many men's  minds. The actions of few can change the thoughts of many and has been proven over and over again. The prison system is no different it's just a big opportunity to help people

In opposing no matter how many good people are in the world anyone with a bill to pay and mouths to feed can be corrupted by money and fantasy's. No matter how good someone is they still have that one itch in the back of their mind and no matter what there is that one thing that can make a good person be bad. It happens all the time with cops and politicians to make them bend to their will and they are pretty much wrapped around someone else's finger.

In closing this world needs more good people to make a better influence on the world and change it. Good people have the ability to change peoples minds and actions. There isn't much society can do to change this but hope that people choose the better way and stay out of trouble and make right choices.