A land of ancient cities

The Country of Peru

In this section I will be discussing the Country of Peru as a whole. This will include the overview of the country as well as the general information about the residents of the country.

Peru is a medium sized country located on the west coast of South America. The country is bordered by Ecuador, Columbia, Brazil, Bolivia, and Chile. Peru is home to Machu Picchu (above), which is one of the new seven wonders of the world, but I will elaborate on that later. If you want to learn about that please say to read about the ancient city as well as the country it resides in (or just skip ahead).

The Capitol of Peru is in Lima; a city with a population of just about 8.473 million people (as of 2007). Peru does not only have one official language but three. These languages are Spanish, Aymara, and Quechua. Like America the average life expectancy of a person living in Peru is just around 74.5 years old (chart shown below).

The Landforms of Peru

The Andes Mountains are a large mountain range that spans through 7 different countries with one of them being Peru. The Andes Mountains are found along the west coast of the continent of South America. Another mountain range in Peru is the Cordillera Occidental Mountain Range. This set of mountains contains the 6425 meter tall Coropuna Mountain. Another mountain in Peru is the Huandoy Mountains. This 6395 meter tall mountain is located on the Cordillera Mountain Ranges.

The Architectural Feats of Peru

One of the most known pieces of architecture in Peru is the ancient city of Machu Picchu. Another well known building is Cusco, a building was dated all the way back to 1200 AD and is connected to Manco Capac, the first leader of the Incas. The last notable building I will list is the Lima Cathedral(pictured below). It was built by Fransisco Pizzaro in 1535 and took 3 years to build having its completion date back to 1538.

A Physical map of Peru

A political Map of Peru

Peru's Climate

Although the temperature and weather of Peru is far less bipolar than ours it is easy to tell that their overall climate is notable. We are going to use Lima as a point of interest (since it is the capital). The overall average high temperature of Brazil ranges from 19-28 degrees celsius and the average low temperature ranges from 15 to 21 degrees celsius. The average rainfall is measured differently, instead of the rain being measured yearly, it is measured monthly. The highest amount was 9 millimeters in the month of August. In Peru the climate effects the crucial crops and plants that keep the country fed on a lower cost than importing. The heat is drying out the soil and may result in the whole crop dying or growing more slowly than usual.

Peru's Government

The government system in Peru is very similar to the government system in the United States. As well as having a Democratic Government they happen to have a constitution. Now all they need is the fear of ebola and a bunch of fat people to become a Latin version of America.

The Religions of Peru

Peru is similar to America in many different ways. One of those just happens to be the most popular religion IN ALL OF EXISTENCE...what a surprise. The main religion in Peru is Roman Catholicism. Just like a large part of America.

The Food of Peru

While seeing the different dishes and foods in Peru I was able to see that they would usually include a large heaping of rice, meat, and vegetables. This type of meat varies from chicken, to beef, and sometimes rat.

The Holidays of Peru

Since the jolly times are coming I thought it would be a good idea to talk about the different holidays that take place in Peru. Most of these Holidays are celebrated both in America and in Peru. Did you know that Peru also celebrates Christmas, New Years, and Easter. This is probably because of the large Roman Catholic Population in Peru.

The Deep Dark Secrets of Peru

So to end this I thought it would be a good idea to finish this with a few interesting facts about Peru. One of the most laughable names of any geographic land form has to be Lake Titicaca (pronounced the same way it you are thinking it is) is the largest and highest navigable lake in all of South America. If you thought that Hienz Ketchup had high variety with their 52 varieties (big whoop) Peru has been able to one up them (or three up them in this case.) In Peru you can find 55 different varieties of not ice cream, not animal, but of corn. You can find the color of the rainbow in corn just by visiting Peru...well, if two thirds of it wasn't covered by the thick amazon rain forest. To leave you with one last fact to think about during dinner tonight just look up the word Cuy, but I'll save you the time. Each year a festival is held to the great food of Peru where the festival-goers would be eating thousands of Cuy, but what is cuy? Cuy is a well known American Pig that has mountains of fur on its body. Now this "pig" is known in America as the Guinea Pig. So as a last bit of advice for visiting make sure that you leave your gerbils and guinea pigs at home.

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