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The Outsiders/Hero's Journey Essay

  1. How would you describe your writing at the beginning of the year and how would you describe it now?  At the beginning of the year I didn't really know when to put commas and periods and how to use quotation marks but now I definitely know how to us quotation marks and struggle less with commas and periods.
  2. What do you consider your writing strengths? Explain. Creative writing and writing about topics that intrest me are my strengths because they are fun and I like to get my mind out.
  3. What writing skills do you need and/or want to continue to develop next year? Explain.  I need help with punctuating and writing about something I read.

4. What did you like best about reading this novel and/or doing this writing assignment?  I liked the story of the novel and how it fit in perfectly with the heros journey.

The Outsiders/Hero's Journey

7th period

When most people think of heroes they think about somebody with super powers explosions and lots of action, but in reality a hero could just be a normal person who makes a positive impact on everyday life. Pony boy experiences separation from the known when he steps out dallys door and embarks on his journey to the church. In the outsiders Johnny and ponyboy step into the unknown darkness. Dally says, “take care kid, he said softly. sure, Dally, thanks. And we ran into the darkness” (62). In the heroes journey, The separation from the known is when the character leaves his comfort zone and familiar world and ventures into the darkness of the unknown.

In the Outsiders Ponyboy experiences the first part of initiation when Ponyboy and Johnny risk their lives to go into the burning church to save all the little children. The quote “I’ll get them, don’t worry!” Shows that Ponyboy and Johnny risk their lives and are selfless for the good of other people. In the Hero’s Journey the hero experiences the first part of initiation when he goes through the challenges and attempts to pass them. Ponyboy continues to experience initiation when he is in the transformation stage and says that the greasers and the socs shouldn’t fight. The quote “Why do I fight? I thought, and I couldn’t think of any real good reason. there isn’t any real good reason for fighting except self defense” (137).

In the Hero’s Journey, the second part of initiation is when the hero struggles in the abyss and battles with their greatest internal or external fear then his fear must die and he must make way for courage, enlightenment, and independence (The Transformation) Finally the hero must experience dramatic change in the way he views life and learn to become one with his new self (the revelation and atonement). In the outsiders Ponyboy experiences the abyss when Ponyboy realizes what life would be like without Johnny. The quote “You ain’t gonna die, I said, trying to hold my voice down. And don’t get juiced up, because the doc won’t let us see you no more if you do”(122). Shows that no matter how tough you are you can still have deep feelings for people. After this he battles with his fear of losing Johnny and fights the socs with the help of his closest friends and family and beats them, this is the transformation. The next part of the phase is when Ponyboy realizes his brothers love him because Darry was in tears when he found Ponyboy in the hospital this is the revelation. And lastly the atonement was when Ponyboy realizes he can be anything if he works hard.

Ponyboy experiences The Return to Everyday Life when he wakes up from being unconscious all hot under the covers in his bed and sees Darry sleeping in his arm chair and returns back to his own everyday life. The quote “Darry wake up”. he opened his eyes. Ponyboy, you okay? Yeah I said I think so”(156) shows his return to his normal everyday life.

In conclusion it doesn't really matter who you are you don't need to have super powers to be a super hero, you don't even need to be an amazing person you just need to make a positive impact on everyday life just like Ponyboy.

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