Come visit Djibouti

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come to my country graphics

That you see in this picture is Djibouti you see the weather is warm.

The people of Djibouti where long dresses of many colors and a Dira (is a head scarf). They where this because of the sun rays.

The people of Djibouti eat meat from there animals or rice from markets.


1.Other facts - Djibouti has a high rate of diseases but don't get caught unless close contact.

2.Djibouti has lots of hospitals to take of diseases.

3. The government here has extra money to build different things.


Located in Africa. Djibouti is one of the smaller states. Its more of a dry arid place to live. Were also very low in population.



Holidays Eid Al- Fitr is a popular holiday here, we do our thanks and prayers on this day. They also celebrate new years eve . They have many more. African Art is celebrated during different events.

language, believes, and attitudes !

Famous person

Language, beliefs, and attitudes.

The languages here are spoken differently we often speak Arabic or french.

Beliefs our beliefs here every Friday the men go out and do prays and women stay and sit until men come home because, the women believe they are asking god and gives them their appearance. Attitudes, if we don't feel threatened we often give a peace offering at they reply the same.

back ground, advice, and life style!

Background were not always welcoming when it comes to land and territory because we have so little. We stated out with little and made all we could so thats part the reason we are not so welcoming. We also don't like to fight it makes us think were not trusted. We also have a very low population so we have to be prepared for fights.

Advice about Costumes and Courtesies, we often greet someone by ((saying peace be with you)) and they reply ((peace also be with you)). We thank every one who gives us anything. We also give thanks be fore every meal.

Lifestyle to figure out if two people our related you go from your fathers family because of the name. If you took your fathers last name than anybody who has the name is assumed to be related.


Education comes free but you have to have all thing including uniform payed for school is not forced and goes from 6-12 years of age. Parents don't always approve their children to go to school because of religions or safety. Attendance at school is also not enforced.

Famous person

Famous person

Hussein Ahmed Salahis is a famous athlete from our country he ranked in the top 3 for the country. He also went on tour in all different countries including america. He was a big achiever in life.

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