Wanted Poster: Zeus

Drew Sumner

Zeus, father of gods and men, is now wanted for murder. For killing a dungeon guard named Campe. Campe was the most loyal servant of Cronus. His most known place to be seen is Mount Olympus. Zeus is known for being the ruler of the gods and is also the god of weather, fate, and law and order. His weapon is the thunderbolt but his symbols include the bull, eagle, and oak. He has white, long hair and beard. He is also very fit and muscular. Zeus is the son of Cronos and Rhea. Zeus's brothers and sisters include Poseidon, Hades, Hera, Demeter, and Heista. Zeus is the husband of Hera. Rhea, Zeus's mother, gave birth to him in Crete, and fooled Cronus into swallowing a rock instead of his son. Zeus was hid in a cave on Mount Ida and raised there till he became strong enough to overthrow his father.

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