David Walker
Daniel Hornback Stely Ahissou

David walker was born to a free African Amercan women and a slave father. What made him famous though is the famous pamphlet David Walker's appeal. Before he published the appeal he was part of the New York's Freedom's Journel. He was the Boston's leading spokesperson against slavery. Slaves were inspired by it, and white people were terrified and offered 3000 dollars for his head and ten thousand for him alive. Two mounths latter he was found dead in his home. At the time they had no idea why he died, althogh we now know that he died of tuberculosis.

Bibliography, http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/aia/part4/4p2930.html http://        uscivilliberties.org/uploads/posts/2013-10/1383113418_david-walker-17951830.jpg

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