Happy Macy's thanksgiving parade

have you ever heard of the Macy's thanksgiving day parade. Its a huge celebration. Many things participate in the parade like giagantic balloons,bands from all over the country,performers,beautiful foalts,and of course Santa clause. You can see this fabulous parade in new York.the night before new yorkers go and see blowing up the balloons  (with air).

Tony sarg

It all started with a chicken coop. Tony came up with a plan to make a macine for doing his chores. The next day, he didnt even get outnof bed.after that his dad never gave him chores again. When he grew up he worked at macys. One day he got a phone call about doing a parade. It was for immagrant inpolyies in macys. Soon things where there. But years go by and tony had an idea for balloons then problems came. Balloons got heave to carry so he ordered lighter rubber. Some of the people couldn't see the balloons so he filled them with heili m. Then it was done . Tony sarg was born in 1880 and died in 1942. remeber it all started with a chicken coop.

New York parade facts

It stared in 1924

Balloons came around in 1927

4 million peole watch macys thanks giving parade.

Last person(guest of honor) santa clause.

By Emily