The country of Minecraft was founded by a man named Notch in 2009.  In this country people are free to believe whatever they want, some are Christian, Some are aithiast.  there is no government in this country.   People are allowed to roam free and discover new things and do pretty much anything they want .

In Minecraft's economy there are fishermen, farmers, miners, butchers, and alot more people that help out to the community! The currency ( money ) in Minecraft can be Iron, Gold, Diamond, and Emeralds.  Kids ages 6 - 12 have to attend school for 7 year.  The cost of school is free.  The citizens in Minecraft feel safe but their only worry is zombies.  They can break down your door and invade your homw and harm you.  But everyone in minecraft owns either a sword, or a bow and arrow, so they can defend them selfs.

People in Minecraft speak all sorts of languages!!  It can be from English all the way to French!  There are all different sorts of climates in Minecraft, there are snowy regions, deserts, oceans, marshes, and jungles.  The type of food you eat mainly depends on where you live, for example if you life in the ocean your main food source is fish.  If you live in the desert there is no food.  In forests there are apples and cows, pigs, chickens and sheep.

In Minecraft you build your own house!  Basically you can build anything.  You can build yourself a house.. a mansion.. a castle even!  Its about what you want to live in and how far your willing to go to live.In Minecraft families liver together, divorce is legal,and kids are always with their parents.  For fun people can go deep sea fishing,  cliff jumping, anything you want!  Minecraft is a Great community.