My name is Pol, I’m 22 and I live in La Bisbal d’Empordà. Last year I finished my degree and I started to work as an English teacher the last two months of this course.

In my English lessons i try to use the most the new technologies. I use digital book, digital blackboard and laptops. I think that new technologies are very good tools to increase the motivation of the students.

In this course i hope to learn new skills to introduce the new technologies in class.

Monday 7th July 2014

Today we have seen some different programs which there are very useful for the teachers. Diigo and delicious are very similar programmes which are designed to save the URL’s, even though you can share it with other teachers and create a network.

Another interesting tool that we have seen is Pinterest. Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. One of the most useful, and perhaps the most interesting, applications for students, teachers, and parents is Pinterest. The Pinterest platform is a visual pin board that allows users to pin images from blogs and websites, making it easier for them to refer to these later.

Tuesday 8th July 2014

Today we have seen many different blogs related about education. They had a lot of sources and activities to work with the students. The use of the blogs encourages the students to do their job better, and they are stimulated to reflect before writing

We also have seen different WebPages to create your own blog. One of the webpages that i really liked is www.kidblog.org. This is a very useful site where the students could create their own blog and share it with their classmates and their teacher. Comments can be added in each blog as a way of assessment. Moreover is very easy to use it and wit a few clics you can have your own blog.

With this webpage you can have all your students together sharing relevant information, doing the corrections all together. It is also a tool for reflection and assessment.

Another interesting webpage that we have seen today is www.wordle.net. Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. With this programme students can use it to generate “word clouds” for their blogs.

Finally we have worked with a webpage that allows you to add links to images and videos. https://www.thinglink.com is very interesting for the students because they create and experiment with this tool. They can create interactive images for web, social and advertising channels.

Now is possible to make that your images come alive with video, text, images, shops, music and more!

Every image contains a story and this webpage helps the students to tell their stories.

Wednesday 9th July 2014

Today we have seen some photo and video editors.I already knew Pixlr, and I find it very useful. It has more possibilities than Instagram. One of the tools that I enjoyed the most today has been http://www.photofunia.com/ there are a lot of possibilities to do with your photos. I did my own creation:

Then we have seen some applications to capture and organize your ideas. www.popplet.com helps students think and learn visually. Students can capture facts, thoughts, and images and learn to create relationships between them. It is a very useful tool to share important ideas or make a brainstorming with your students. Moreover you can include images, videos, locations, files and choose the background, is 100% customizable.

After the break Mita showed us how to create a google drive presentation. With Google Slides, you can create, edit, collaborate and present, wherever you are. It contains a variety of presentation themes, thousands of fonts, embedded video, animations and more. Moreover, you can share your files with your colleagues and everyone can work together in the same presentation at the same time.

Finally we have seen some tools to create your own story book. There are a lot of possibilities to put in your story. There are a wide range of different characters, and a lot of scenes. Moreover you can add text and music in your stories. Personally I found this webpage http://domo.goanimate.com/ very easy to understand and very useful. Is a very interesting tool for the students when they have to work with cooperative groups. For sure I will use this tool for my students of Cicle Superior.

I created my own story. Here you have the link. Hope that you enjoy it.


Thursday 10th July 2014

Today we have seen the webpage http://edu.glogster.com/ that lets you to share important information mixing text, audio, video, images, graphics and data. This is a very interesting tool to interact with the students. Moreover this is a place where you can find educational resources and get inspired.

Everyone in the class has created their own Glog about their Personal Learning Environment. Here is my Glog. http://pjoves.edu.glogster.com/personal-learning-environment/

Later we talked about what are Podcasts and how can we introduce it in our lessons. We have seen some WebPages related in audio media. Personally the webpage that I liked that most is http://audioboo.fm/ this site allows users to post and share sound files.

Finally we did an activity in pairs; we have recorded the story of the Gingerbread Man with the program Audacity. Then we have shared our work in SoundCloud. Here it is. https://soundcloud.com/pol-joves-collell/the-gingerbread-man

Friday 11th July 2014

Today we have seen some video editing and presentation tools. One of the WebPages that I enjoyed the most is http://www.powtoon.com/ This is a free web app that lets you easily create presentations and animated videos, often with a cartoon look and feel. Moreover i think that is very useful for teachers when they have to prepare presentations.

Then we talked about Google+ and some services that if offers such as Hangouts. A Hangout is a web-based tool created by Google for communicating through video. Up to ten people can "hang out" at one time in a virtual "room."


I found this course very positive because it was very practical and these tools that the teacher has taught us can be applied in school to improve our methodology with students and make this method more meaningful and more enjoyable.

For me the contents worked: Web 2.0 application for 21st century learners, Organizing information: social bookmarking, RSS, Blogging: creation, design, use, Oral Practice and Storytelling, have been very successful because I work as a teacher since two months and is a way and improve my practice.

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