My Top 5 Apps

(That I Use Every Day)



Call me crazy, but Sparrow is still the best Desktop Email client out there in my opinion. Drag and drop CloudApp integration, super simple multiple email account setup, Gravatar on contacts. It just works very well. More on Sparrow.


Freemium (10 uploads per day Free)

CloupApp is my all time favorite app. To be able to share anything in literally seconds is so powerful. Drag any file into the CloudApp icon on your toolbar and a tiny sound 'dings' letting you know your file has been uploaded and the URL ready to be pasted from your clipboard. More on CloupApp.


Free / Open Souce

"Minimalist clipboard buffering" is their tagline. Jumpcut is pretty much just a really simple clipboard manager. Never forget the stuff you copied 2 hours ago. It come in super handy for coding and browsing... and pretty much everything. The last release was in 2009, but still works really well. If it ain't broke don't fix it. More on Jumpcut.



Flint is easily the best desktop client for 37signals' Campfire chat that is "fast, minimal, and designed to stay out of your way." A extremely simple way chat should be: simple notifications settings, multiple chat tabs, Campfire sounds and integrated images, and my favorite CloudApp integration. In my mind, worth every penny. More on Flint.



Found is the best way to find files on your machine and on your cloud storage services (Dropbox and Google Drive). It is quick and picks out the files you care about—I had serious issues using OSX's spotlight (I really don't care about all these system files!) The quick double tap of CRL and the Found search comes up and you can scroll through to preview of all results. It's a serious time saver. More on Found.

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