A receptionist has a very important role and are needed in almost any business or organization. They are needed in places like Hospitals, Offices, Hotels and schools.

A receptionists daily jobs include:

  • Meeting and greeting people
  • Booking meetings
  • Answering and forwarding phone calls
  • Answering Phone calls
  • scheduling meetings
  • Dealing with post
  • Keeping the reception area tidy

Computer build for a office

  • Intel Core i3 4160 3.40GJz Socket 1155 processor

This processor is capable of running the software you need for an office.

  • Crucial 4GB DDR3 Ballistix Sport VLP RAM

4GB of RAM will be enough for your computer. As a receptionist, you wont need to run programs that will use lots of RAM. 4GB will be enough to run the main Programs like Microsoft office and the Internet with no problems at all

  • Asus H81M-plus 1155 DVI HDMI 8 Channel HD Motherboard

This is a good motherboard that will do the job. The motherboard is the brain of the computer and decides what message goes where.

  • Cooler master Elite 342 Black Micro ATX Case

This case will keep all your components cool and safe.

  • Ace Black 120mm Fan 550W Power Supply

This Power Supply will be able to supply power to all of your components. 550W will be enough power for your computer.

  • Samsung SH-224DB 24X Internal DVD Writer with SATA

This DVD drive will be able to read all of your CDs, DVDs and even games.

  • Windows 7 64 bit DVD

Windows 7 is the ideal operating system for a receptionist because most people are trained to this operating system. It is very easy to use and is very popular.

  • Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft office is essential for a receptionist because it includes Microsoft word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher and lots more.

  • BullGaurd Security v14.01

This security software will keep your computer and files safe from viruses and malware.

  • Viseo 223DXBD 21.5" LED Monitor

This LED 21.5” monitor is a good size for a receptionist. As it is not to small but not to large, it doesn't take up all the space on the desk.

After receiving feedback from a receptionist. These are three things that they have requested.

  • Q-Connect Wireless Keyboard/Mouse Black

This keyboard and mouse will be suitable for a office. They are also wireless. This is very ideal if you have a small work space or you don't want wires making your desk look messy.f

  • 250GB Seagate Pipeline 3.5in internal hard drive

At first I recommended a 1TB hard drive as I thought receptionists would need a lot of memory. As most of the documents and files are saved using cloud storage, I decided to down grade the hard drive too 250GB as this would save more than half the cost of a 1TB one.

  • Telephone

BT have a number of different packages depending on what features you need and how many people there is in the office. They can be viewed here.

The total cost to this build is £494.00

Which Topology Would Be Best Suited For A Receptionist?

A receptionist would be best suited to a star topology. The receptionist can act as the hub. This will make it easy for the receptionist to communicate with other people in the building.

Network Issues

Viruses can be used to steal and corrupt data. They can be spread around by removable media like USB sticks and CDs, from downloading stuff from the internet and from e-mail attachments. To prevent getting viruses you should use an Antivirus software. Kaspersky have a range of different packages you can choose from for home and business use.

DDoS attacks can be used to take down servers and networks. They are becoming a big issue for businesses big and small. There has been a 22% increase in the number of DDoS attacks on businesses in the last 12 months. If you do become a victim to this, you should contact your hosting provider or a specialist as soon as possible.

Phishing is also another way people can steal confidential information. The most common purpose of this attack is by targeting people’s bank details. One way people can do this is by sending fake e-mails to other people pretending to be a bank, claiming that "your bank details need updating". They would send you to a website that looks exactly the same as your real banks website asking you too “verify your account” by providing your details. They could also make up excuses that “your account may suspended if you don’t update your details”.


Network issues can happen at anytime. This makes people think that it could be a difficult issue to fix. Most common network problems are simple to fix. If you are experiencing any issues there are different methods you can use to get yourself back online. Windows has a very good automated program that can help find any problems you may be experiencing. Troubleshooting is a way of finding any problems with your PC. It will look through all your settings and test connections.

Electrical Interference

Sometimes an electrical interference can occur between non-shielded cables and electrical devices, such as wireless routers. Electrical disruptions or noise given off by the cables and devices can cause an interference with each other. This can cause disruption to the network. Moving your router to another location can reduce the interference.

Unplugged cables

The first thing you should do if you have any network issues is to check that there are no unplugged cables. You should make sure that all of the connections to and from your computer are working and that all of the indicator lights are working.

Improperly configured settings

When you first set up your router, there is a series of settings and controls that need to be configured properly in order for the network to run smoothly. Programs that you download or updates for different software can change these settings automatically. Locate your router’s settings page, and verify that all settings are set to there recommend options.

Conflicting Applications

Many self-installed applications use a portion of the bandwidth in order to operate and transfer Information over the network. Some of these applications use a very large chunk of the bandwidth, which can your PC down. It is also possible for applications to conflict with each other and cause network issues. You should check your network manager to ensure that no applications are using too many system resources.

Networks For A Recruitment Company

By The Humber recruitment agency will need  networks to manage Printers, Scanners and computers. Printers are needed in every office and company. It would be a lot better to have just 1 or 2 more expensive printers for every 20-30 people rather everyone having a cheaper one each. This way it will be cheaper to run and also the quality of the work you print will be a lot better.

Files are stored on a network so all of the workers can access them at different computers in the building. It is very important that the recruitment company invest in some good Antivirus software so they can keep all of there files safe. A recruitment company has lots of people’s details such as addresses, phone numbers, education/work history and even bank details so it’s important to keep them safe.

Software licenses are needed for each computer in the office. This helps the software developers update the software. This can also prevent people from sharing the software on torrent websites. The recruitment company could use a site license. This will cover the whole building and they can use as many copies of the software as they wish. This could work out cheaper in the long run for the business.

Peer-to-peer Networks:

A peer-to-peer network is a network of personal computers that share information with each other. They can exchange files and emails directly with each other computer on the network. Each computer can access each others files that a computer user makes available.

Client server:

A client server is a network on which each computer on the network is either a client or a server. Servers are powerful computers dedicated to managing disk drives, printers and network traffic. Clients are the work stations of computers which users can run different applications on.

What is the best for a recruitment agency?

I would recommend that a client server is the best for business as peer-to-peer networks are more suited for your home. Client servers are also more secure. They are ideal for schools, collages and businesses.

Network Registration:

You need to register a device onto network to have access to the networks resources, such as printers and software files and folders.

The Copyright Law

The copyright law originated in the united kingdom in the year 1710. It give creators of music, books, films and games control of how there used and distributed.

When you buy software, the copyright law forbids you to:

  • Give a copy to someone else
  • Making a copy and selling it
  • Using the software on a network (unless the license allows it)
  • Renting the software without permission

Software Licenses

Open Source

An open source is a code that is made available with a license in which the copy holder provides the right to study open software is often developed in a public collaborative manner. Also open source can be modified and edited because its publicly accessible. Source code is the part of software that most computer users don’t ever see its the code computer programmers can manipulate to change how a piece of a software program application works.

Single User

A single user license is a license that grants one user the right to use the software. It may also grant the user the right to install the software on only one machine, or it may authorize installation on certain number of machines as long as it is owned by the same user. This is the ideal software package to use at home.


Multi-User is an operating system/application software that can be accessed by multiple users of a computer. For example multi-user can be used for windows or PhotoShop. What we can’t do with multi-user is getting lots of versions and selling it on Ebay or the car boot sale because it’s illegal and can actually get in trouble.This is the ideal software for places like school, college or maybe a work place.

How to install an operating system

Step 1: Enter the computers BIOS. Just after you start your computer up enter the BIOS; the most common keys to press are either F1 or F2.

Step 2: Find your BIOS’s boot options menu.

Step 3: Select CD-ROM drive as the first boot device of your computer.

Step 4: Save your changes.

Step 5: Shut down your computer and insert the Windows 7 disc into your dick drive.

Step 6: Start your computer from the disc.

Step 7: Choose your windows set up options.

Step 8: Install the Operating System (click install now).

Step 9: Accept the license terms.

Step 10: Select custom installation.

Step 11: Install windows on our preferred hard drive and partition.

After you have installed the operation system, you will need to set your username and computer name. You will also have to enter your product license key and change settings such as your timezone.

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