January 1st

Back to writing

Some old journals. Note the lockable purple fuzzy frog 'Keep Out' journal.

I want 2014 to be the year for me that I start writing for fun again. Ever since I can remember, I have always been writing. Little stories, scribbles of journal entries, names of childhood crushes encircled by big sloppily drawn hearts, life plans, descriptions of new friendships made and little daily trivialties.... but for some reason in the past few years I've stopped. I want to start again. I know there are so many benefits that can be had from writing every day. I've heard it said that to be a 'good' writer, you should write something, at least one little thing, every day. If that is true, then here goes.

It feels a little exposing to make a public commitment to try to stick to something. I've seen so many people posting on Facebook satirical statuses poking fun at the emotional new years reflection and the uselessness of generic resolutions.. but heck, if there's a time to start up something new and try to commit to something that is healthy and fun, why not start it at the turn of the New Year?

To start with on January 1st, today, perhaps a few New Years Resolutions. Though it seems to be less and less trendy to make 'resolutions' in the New Year, I see no harm that can be done.

1) Use fewer exclamation marks. This is an ongoing resolution of mine, a continuation of last year's... it is a serious addiction. Exclamation marks really do not come across as 'cool' in the professional email world.

2) Get outside more.

3) Eat more kale. And spinach.. bleck.

4) Love my work. Love my friends and family. Love my time, love myself. 'Cause all ya need is love, right?

5) When people ask me how I am, say, 'I'm well', not, 'I'm good.'

6) Write more letters.

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