The House on Maple Street

By Evelyn

Help Me!

Billy was scared to take the STAAR test.His teacher,Mrs.Bill took him to a weird house to take a different test.Soon he was gone somehow and no one but Mrs.Bill knew what happend.

About the Author

Evelyn Ison has worked on many writings in the fourth grade and has expirenced many troubles but she kept writing.Evelyn goes to J.Lyndil Hughes Elementry.Her birthday is April 4th 2003.She has 4 siblings,two brothers and sisters.She is currently ten years old.Her two favorite teachers are Mrs.Hill and Mrs.Cantrell.She can't decide her favorite teacher because they are both good teachers.Evelyn is shy but she loves meeting new kids even if her other friends don't like them. Evelyn is thinking and planning more stories so she can have more adventures.

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