Balanced and Unbalanced Forces

By: Ariana Banks and Isabella Alva

This picture above will show a balanced force. This is true because you can see that their are two men on each side of the rope. So this is a balanced force.

This is a balanced force because on each side of the seesaw there is 50 N and 10 feet away
This picture has two hands that are pushing the same box at the same time. So this is an balanced force

This picture shown above shows a unbalanced force. Because one person has a stronger grip to pull the rope towards him. So the two people are unbalanced.

This is an unbalanced force because one kid is really high in the air and the other kid is close to the ground. This picture explains an unbalanced force.

This picture shows that the dogs are  pulling on a rope. One dog weighs 12 N and the other weighs 10 N. So this picture shows an unbalanced force.

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