Fabrizio Balestri - A Natural Business Leader

Fabrizio Balestri is nothing short of an expert when it comes to intrapreneurial business ventures. Not completely different from an entrepreneur, an intrapreneur consists of all the same skills in business except he or she doesn’t use them to better their own company; an intrapreneur works with existing companies with existing ideas in order to better their position in the business realm. Although Fabrizio has experience starting and controlling his own companies, he is currently working as an advisor for businesses looking to further their growth focus, or businesses looking to undergo significant changes in order to achieve their full potential. Fabrizio was Italian born who immigrated to the United States of America along with his parents who wanted to provide a better opportunity for their child. He was educated at Frostburg State University in Maryland and graduated in three years with a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Sciences. While in attendance, he pursued an excellent collegiate career in soccer winning numerous accolades for his skill on the field. He was later educated in the executive education program at the prestigious Columbia University within the Columbia Graduate School of Business in 2006. His education no doubt played a role in the success he currently enjoys.

Fabrizio Balestri is a natural leader in the business world. His ability to take already existing players and continue to use them for long lasting success is unparalleled in such a competitive industry. After nearly 30 years worth of working experience in executive management and leadership positions, Fabrizio Balestri understands that being a leader isn’t a title, but an important virtue that all upper management position holders need to have. As an interim executive leader, he will help any company develop new business strategies that utilize already existing talents in different lights to achieve outstanding results.

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