Who Am I

              My Three Areas Of Interest

1. Playing Baseball

2. Cook

3.Playing Vollyball



1. Presenting

2.Teaching and Training

3. Caring for people

                      I am A tactile Learner

This is my primary learning style.

                 Orange Personality

  1. Able to take charge                       
  2. Dealing with chaos
  3. Determination
  4. Energetic
  5. Playful
  6. Desires change

Strength                             Characteristics

I need fun, variety, stimulation, and excitement  

I enjoy working with people. My favorite subject is math and science.

My work values are

  1. Support 30
  2. Achievement 21
  3. Recognition 20

                                 Who Am I

This can help me to look for jobs that matches my interest and that describe me. This helps me because if I go look for a job and I get it and i am not comfortable with how they manage things I might quit . I want to work somewhere where my boss or somebody stands up for me.I also want a job where they are going to treat me and everyone else are fair. If someone gets more money than me and I worked harder I am going to talk and quit.

When I look for a job I want to feel like I did the right thing and I want to feel like I accomplish something . I want to feel that because now I am clumsy and I always mess up on things. I want to feel like I did it all by myself and I didn't mess up. I want to feel good and people will recognize what I did for the company or store or even my boss, coworkers, and supervisor.

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