Ty Cobb

Ty Cobb was born Dec.18 1886 in Georgia, and passed away July 17 1961.

                                        Significant Events That Affected Ty Cobbs Life


  • World War 1
  • World War 2
  • Vietnam War

                           Ty's Childhood

Ty was born in a white farm house built on rich red soil. Ty's dad named him after an ancient city called Tyre. His father proposed to Ty's mom at only twelve years old. Ty grew up with people that lived through the civil war. He was raised to believe whites were better than blacks.

                People who influenced Ty's life

His mom Amanda Chitwood, Dad William, Son Hershel, Daughter Beverly, Son Howel, Son Tyrus Cobb Jr.


Ty Cobb batted an average of .420, had a 144 RBI, a 147 runs scored, 248 hits, and 83 stolen bases.


Ty made minor league, made his father proud by making major leagues, and played for the Detroit Tigers.

                              The Theme

Hard work pays off, and I picked that one because you don't just play and make it to pros you have to practice and train.


As long as you give it your all your not a failure.

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