Antigone Script

(with photos of each cast member)

Sentry: I won’t say i’m out of breath from running, king because every time i think about what i have to tell you a voice kept saying don’t be stupid you’re walking straight into trouble but, i knew that if someone else had told you first you would have been even more mad so here i am on good sense with a story that does not make sense at all and as they say what happens is going to happen.

Creon: Say what you have to say.

Sentry: I did not do it. I dont know who did so don’t blame me.

Creon: Thats irrelevant but i need to know more.

Sentry: I do not know how to say this.

Creon: TELL ME!!!

Sentry: I do not know there was nothing wrong until the corporal had pointed it out. It was strange look the body was covered and and no animal had been there.

So we looked at each other and found that no one of us could have done it we were ready to anything to prove it was not us. We knew we had to tell you and i got stuck doing it so dont shoot the messenger.

Choragos: Could it have been the gods?

Creon: Why would the gods have done this besides no amount of money could have even bribed my men. Find the man responsible or you are dead.

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