Tips about Basketball
By Rhett Foster

Brrt!  Swish!  He makes the shot and wins the game.  Have you ever wanted to play basketball before?  Well this tackk will give you tips about the game.  How to dribble the ball, pass the ball, shoot the ball, and how to play defense.


This information you will learn in this text will help you better basketball player.  It can help you become as good as the NBA greats.  But you will need to practice for a long time to become Like Kobe Bryant and Lebron James.


The first thing you will need to learn in basketball is how to dribble.  When you dribble you will need to use one  hand to bounce the ball up and down over and over again to get to a better position to shoot the ball or to pass the ball.  There is also many different types of moves you can do to get away from a defenders a crossover, a between the legs move, a behind the back move, and a spin move.  There is still many rules about dribbling though such as when you dribble and pick the ball up and hold it you can not dribble again that would be a double dribble also you cant take more than two steps without dribbling because it would be a travel.  These tips will help you become a better dribbler.


The next thing you will need to learn is how to pass the ball.  The point of passing the ball is to pass to a teammate to help get more open for your team to get better shots and much more.  You can either do a bounce pass or a chest pass to get the ball to a teammate.  When your passing the ball do not pass the ball to someone who is defended or not open.  If your team does not pass the ball then your team will not be very good because passing is an important part of the game.


Shooting is an important part of basketball.  First how to shoot you put one hand under the ball and your other hand on the side.  The hand under the ball will push the ball towards the hoop to try and make a basket.  The hand on the side will just keep the ball in position to shoot the ball.  Your team will try to make as many points as you can and you get points by making baskets and whichever team has the most points when the game is over wins.  Shooting is a hard thing to master but if you practice you can get good at it.


Defense is one thing in basketball you need to know how to do.  When you are playing defense your team will try not to let the other team score points.  If your playing defense on a certain person you will stay by them and try not to let them get the ball.  There is to main types of defense teams play man to man and zone. But try not to foul when you are playing defense because if you get five fouls you can not play the rest of the game. Defense is a key part of basketball.  


The information you just learned in this tack about dribbling, passing, shooting, and defense can help you get better.  But you will not become a instant success you will need to practice and work hard to get to become good.  So go and play basketball.


Points: You score points when you make the ball through the hoop you want to get as many points as you can to win the game.

Fouls: You get fouls when you are doing something to the other team that is not aloud.

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