Social Media

On this timeline, in the years 1996-2003 most of the things on the internet were just emails, but in 1999 weblog came out. Weblog lets the subscribers know what all is new on the website or blogs they have. I feel that that was the start to the social media rage. In 2003 a couple things came out that heightened the social world on the internet. Myspace was a big thing when it came out, most people don't use their Myspace anymore due to Facebook. Facebook came out that next year and caused Myspace to fall out of the "fad" category. Youtube was the next big thing. When it came out there were plenty of people talking about it and adding accounts giving Google the chance to become the leading search engine. A few years later when Twitter came out, it was viral. Almost everyone had one. Things were being retweeted and news was easier to spread when it needed to be done fast. Google got bigger and better when they added Gmail. Google has been able to add so many things over the years to become the best and beat out all competition. (Even by adding Google+ in 2011.) When Pinterest and Instagram came out social media got bigger and better. Now with all the things we have on the internet to connect with other people there isn't any way we shouldn't be able to communicate. Most teenagers these days are "addicted" to social media.

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