The 0.5 of me meets the 0.5 of you

He is a tough kid, says his ripped T-shirt in the empty house with only darkness.

He is also a naughty guy, says the messy painting on the wall of the school where most play.

So lonely, says the shadow under the sun by himself.

But not a foolish person says the homework and test passed with A thrown in the trash can.

There is no one that lives with him, says the single pair of shoes and the bedroom with only a few set of clothes.

No one likes him, says the splattered eggs and toilet paper everywhere outside his house.

He is not poor, says the money, food and other living needs is just enough for him.

It has been the same day every day in this house, says the TV and the clock hasn’t been change for a bit.

Finally, something is different, come with me, she said…

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