Week of December 8th

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! Here is a look at our "week in a blink":

Monday, Dec. 8th: Besides an observation or meeting here and there, the day is pretty flexible. I hope I didn't just jinx our Monday!

Tuesday, December 9th: I will be off campus at a Vertical Team meeting. Traci will be available if needed.

Wednesday, December 10th: I will be in Houston at the Principal's Institute. Traci will be the conductor of the "Crazy Train" while I'm gone. :)

Thursday, December 11th: Traci is still driving the train, as I am still in Houston. 6:00 - Shine Time performance

Friday, December 12th: Tacky Christmas Sweater Day - there WILL be prizes! Shadow Ridge Honor Winds will be here at 10:30 to perform. 3rd, 4th, & 5th grade are invited to attend.

If I have left anything out, please let me know!

Stephanie Moore - December 9th

Lunch Around the World

Click on the 'What's for Lunch" picture above to link to a Twitter project a 2nd grade class started that you can join as well! Read about how it got started and then take a picture of what your students are having for lunch and tweet it with #kidsworldlunch. Pretty cool!

Have a fabulous week!