Alpha Cenauri A:

-4.367 light years from earth


- has a radius of about 855,834 km

- has a temperature of 5790 K or about

Alpha Centauri A is the closest star to our Sun at about 93 million miles away. This is equal to 4.367 light years or 271000 AU. Alpha Cenaturi A is about 6520 million years old. some of Alpha Centauri As' differences from the sun include: it takes 22 days to fully rotate, the sun takes 25. Alpha centauri A has a luminosity of about 1.567 times that of the sun. Alpha Centauri A has a mass 1.1 times that of the sun.

Alpha Centauri A is part of a trinary star system. These include Alpha Centauri B and C. Alpha centauri C is also known as Proxima Centauri. Alpha Centauri As' location on the celestial sphere is 14h 39.7 m RA and -60 degrees 50'

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