15 famous photos.

Technology is important so that we know how much we have improved with it.
We need to remember that we have fought and that we have been in tradgic wars.
We know that we have advanced with technology and that we can keep improving.

ACL is a big festival and its fun to see photos from big festivals.

We need to see that people fight for what they believe in and we need to respect them.

People in this world live with diseases that can't be cured and this is important so people know that they can help. 13 November 2011

Doctors are working every day to help find cures for people.

Holidays will always be around so we need to remember to have fun and its about giving not taking.

People will always play sports and there will be new sports so its fun to look at the different photos.

communication photos will be cool to how we progress.

This photo is important because we will always be looking for information about the galaxy ad the univers.

we are working on landing on mars and the photos will be important so i think that the photos will be important because it will be something that we have accomplished.

We will remember amusement parks because they are fun and see how much we have improved on rides. also the pictures can be funny sometimes.

The eiffel tower is important be cause it is a big tower and it Very special to some people.

Its cool to see different singers and how different each one sings and this is important because the photos of them singing can be cool.

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