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Amber Garner

Although it is obvious that America has remained somewhat stagnant in it's development of laws such as those involving minorities, it is obvious that many events have played a part in shifting our culture, with the involvement of marriage, challenging our political strength involving security, and drastically changing our economics, involving the prices of goods.

Original iMac


Steve Jobs introduces the Original iMac - Apple Special Event (1998)/Visual Material/WXT-3&8/2015

Historical Context: Around this time, technology was reaching another peak in advancement.

Purpose: This commercial was designed to inform America of the latest technology and convince people that we need one of these in our households.

Reflection: This source reflects an advancement in technology within our country. Before this time, computers did exist, but they were extremely large and not very user friendly. Apple designed a smaller, easier-to-use machine that could have easily been useful to any family.

The Evolution of Airline Security Since 9/11

By Alycia B. Taylor, CPO and Sara Steedman
December 2003

The Evolution of Airline Security Since 9/11/Text/America in the World/2015

New Requirements

Since the new regulations came fairly quickly, the goals were set in short and long terms. According to Jim Abrams, some of the short term goals included "criminal background checks on 750,000 airport employees, the presence of more law enforcement, the screening of all checked baggage with whatever means available, including X-ray machines and hand inspections, the placement of more air marshals on flights, and more passengers will be pre-screened, with more cross-checking with FBI and other watch lists for suspicious passengers" (2001). As of 2003, the department of Homeland Security, headed by Tom Ridge, made the decision to increase the number of air marshals by 5,000 (Regional, 2003). Those short-term affects were to happen within the first year of implementation. The long term affects of the new security on airlines were: "A new Transportation Department agency put in place to oversee all transportation security measures, all 28,000 airport baggage screeners [are] federal workers, all checked baggage is to be inspected with explosives detection machines, [and] Trusted-passenger programs will be implemented, using new technologies to identify passengers and expedite screening" (Abrams, 2001). Most of the new regulations proposed security of the baggage and the passengers on the plane. According to the TSA, as quoted in the article by Gerald L. Dillingham, "[The TSA has] confiscated more than 4.8 million prohibited items (including firearms, knives, and incendiary or flammable objects) from passengers" (2003, p. 8). The Department of Homeland Security has also backed up this fact by stating "airport screeners have, since February 2002, intercepted more than 7.8 million items, including 1,437 firearms, 2.3 million knives, and 49,331 box cutters - the terrorists' weapon of choice on 9-11. Attempts at concealment included razor blades hidden in tennis shoes" (Gips, 2003).

Historical Context : Before this event, America faced conflict with a terrorist group called Al-Qaeda who aimed to reduce the support that we provided for Middle Eastern governments.

Point of View: This source was created from the American's point of view regarding airline security.

Reflection; The terrorism that we were victims of promoted this tighter and more strict level of airport security that we have today. This source may be significant in the future because it reflects the immediate changes that occurred because of an attack that we were the target of. This source tells us about the impacts rather than just stating the facts of 9/11.

Death of Michael Jackson

June 25, 2009

R.I.P. THE KING OF POP/Visual Material/Culture/2015

Historical Context: In this same year, NASA launched Kepler Mission to search for planets in the Milky Way that could be similar to Earth and habitable by humans.

Point of View: This source was created from the American's point of view

Reflection: Michael Jackson had a positive influence on the lives of many Americans since he started singing at a young age. His music was greatly based on self-empowerment and black love. His death meant the end of an image that many looked up to and found confidence in. Much of  America was distraught as a result of this death in pop culture.

American Wedding

Frank Ocean

February 16, 2011

American Wedding/Recordings/Culture/2015

Historical Context: During this time, divorce rates are higher than they have ever been and continue to increase.

Purpose: The purpose of this song was to speak on the lack of seriousness and effort that Americans put into marriages nowadays.

Reflection: This song reflects the change in how much Americans value marriage, it's use, and it's significance. Frank Ocean says "It's just an American wedding. They don't mean too much. They don't last enough." American weddings have moved far from the traditional religious weddings that our country was originally accustomed to.

'All Men Created Equal' Means Constitutional Protection for Gay Marriage

By Brad Bannon

July 5, 2011

'All Men Created Equal' Means Constitutional Protection for Gay Marriage/Texts/Politics & Power/2015

The equal protection clause in the 14th Amendment means that states must treat all their citizens equally. States can’t favor men over women, whites over blacks, or heterosexuals over gays. In the near future, the Supreme Court will rule on the constitutionally of the California prohibition against marriage equality. If the Court does rule that the California law is a violation of the equal protection clause as a lower federal court already has, thousands of gay couples in the Golden State will join the ranks of same sex couples who now can legally marry in New York, Iowa, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire. Equal protection should equal marriage equality.

However the Supreme Court rules, gays, like blacks and women, will eventually bask in the sunlight of equality. A majority of Americans now favor gay marriage and support will continue to grow. Demography is destiny, and young Americans overwhelmingly favor gay marriage.
Conservatives can slow down the march to freedom, but the big victory for gay marriage in New York State should show religious extremists they can’t stop the movement that Jefferson started with the Declaration of Independence.

Historical Context: LGBT citizens are fighting harder than ever to gain equal rights and make gay marriage legal in all states.

Purpose: The purpose of this source was to inform people of the ways that the constitution interferes with some citizen's wish to have legal gay marriage in our country.

Reflection: This source exposes conflict and different interpretations pf the constitution. People may argue that disallowing gay marriage takes away from a person'as rights and freedoms, while others believe that the constitution disallows this type of marriage. A historian will definitely find this disagreement of a specific piece of the constitution to be useful in determining the changing views of Americans.  

Transcript: President Obama's Speech on Combating ISIS and Terrorism

President Obama

September 10, 2014

President Obama's Speech on Combating ISIS and Terrorism/Speech/America in the World/2015

Still, we continue to face a terrorist threat. We cannot erase every trace of evil from the world, and small groups of killers have the capacity to do great harm. That was the case before 9/11, and that remains true today. That's why we must remain vigilant as threats emerge. At this moment, the greatest threats come from the Middle East and North Africa, where radical groups exploit grievances for their own gain. And one of those groups is ISIL -- which calls itself the "Islamic State."

I know many Americans are concerned about these threats. Tonight, I want you to know that the United States of America is meeting them with strength and resolve. Last month, I ordered our military to take targeted action against ISIL to stop its advances. Since then, we have conducted more than 150 successful airstrikes in Iraq. These strikes have protected American personnel and facilities, killed ISIL fighters, destroyed weapons, and given space for Iraqi and Kurdish forces to reclaim key territory. These strikes have helped save the lives of thousands of innocent men, women and children.

Second, we will increase our support to forces fighting these terrorists on the ground. In June, I deployed several hundred American service members to Iraq to assess how we can best support Iraqi Security Forces. Now that those teams have completed their work -- and Iraq has formed a government -- we will send an additional 475 service members to Iraq. As I have said before, these American forces will not have a combat mission -- we will not get dragged into another ground war in Iraq. But they are needed to support Iraqi and Kurdish forces with training, intelligence and equipment. We will also support Iraq's efforts to stand up National Guard Units to help Sunni communities secure their own freedom from ISIL control.

Historical Context: America is still in conflict with Middle Eastern terrorists and groups, while also trying to be a protector of ally groups and governments within these areas.

Purpose: President Obama delivered this speech in order to soothe the worries of Americans.

Reflection: This speech reflects the drive that President Obama has to make his fellow Americans feel a sense of security and also the honest motivation that he has to resolve issues that may pose a threat to us. President Obama talks about military action that he is calling against this international force. Historians may use this source to analyze how our military focus and effort shifted following the events that occurred around this time.

Gas Prices 2014

U.S. Energy Information Administration

May 2014

Weekly Retail Gasoline and Diesel Prices/Records/WXT-3/2015

Historical Context: Fracking has become more common in America, and this is where we began to get more of our oil from.

Purpose: This graph clearly illustrates the sharp decline of gas prices in 2014/2015

Reflection: This source shows the result of the improved technology that allowed us to engage in fracking, which ultimately increased market competition and lowered gas prices. Just ta few years ago, our technology would not be advanced enough to pump out the amount of oil that we have been. This graph would be significant because it shows the impact and relief that improved technology provided for Americans during this time.

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