A Winkie is Born

No Winkie Pie Served Here!

Mia, the Winkie

November 15, 2014 Mia made her debut as an actress.  She was a huge success as a flying monkey in the Missoula Children's Theater's production of "The Wizard of Oz".  In this rendition, the flying monkeys that were captive of the Wicked Witch of the West, were referred to as Winkies.  

The Winkies were mistreated by the Wicked Witch and were threatened to be turned into Winkie Pie if they didn't comply.

The Winkies are a group of monkeys that did whatever instructed by the Wicked Witch until they finally gained their freedom when the witch died when water was poured on her accidently.

Mia, the famous Winkie is on the far left.
Cast of "The Wizard of Oz

Mia's famous line spoken with attitude(of course) was "Oh no, now you've done it" as she snapped her fingers and shook her head will speaking such a powerful line then laughter from the audience followed.  (Check out her audio below)

Raspberry Muffin

Raspberry Muffins

and Caraway Bread.....

(Check out her song below)

Caraway Bread
Wicked Witch of West (not from play)
Silly Winkie
Mia, the Winkie

Every performer needs a rose once the show is done, why not Mia too?

Mia and her rose.
Grandpa, Mia and Grandma

A great performance by all the students in only one week's time.  Way to go Mia, you are brave to get up on stage and perform in front of hundreds of people.  You make us all proud!  Eeeeh, eeeh.