diary of a wimpy kid!  the long  haul!!

The book I am reading is called Diary of a Wimpy Kid the Long Haul. (haul vocab word)

The characters are Greg, Manny,Rodrick,and mr. and mrs. Heffley.

The setting is mainly in the Heffley's car.

So, lets get started.  This book is about the Heffley's.  They go on a surprise road trip that no one is exited about except Mr. and Mrs. Heffley. The trip is not fun, they just do nothing in the car. Before they leave for the trip, there are too many things to go into the mini van, so they make two piles of stuff they need and don't need. All of the stuff they don't need is Rodricks band stuff and some unnecessary   things Rodrick gets really mad because non of his band stuff can go on the trip. after rodrick gets mad they just end up getting up a uhaul to the van so rodricks band stuff can go on the trip. after and hour in the car Greg asks if they can stop for some food at a restaurant mrs. Heffley says no so then they just eat snacks.

                                                ... (time change)

They finally get to the hotel. The next day the Heffley's go to a fair.  Rodrick wins a lot of contest like the smelliest shoe contest. Manny also wins a contest so they get a pet pig.

the words that i dont know are

SEIZE- to take hold of suddenly and forcibly.

ENRICHING- to improve or enhance the quality of value.

ACCELERATED- begin to move more quickly.

SPECTRUM- used to classify something.

WRANGLE- to round up

INHUMANE- without compassion

The problem in the story is that the beardos and the Heffley's don't like eachother.

The beardos steal the Heffley's credit card, keys, and all of their clothes. Then the Heffley's drive to a hotel with a pool wich some how the Beardos are there too. When they get there the Beardos are going to the pool, the Beardos left their door open, so the Heffley's plan is to go intyo their room slyly and get their cedit card, keys, and clothes.

when they finally get all of their stuff back the Beados come back to their room and see them the Heffley's run as fast as they can,  back to their car and they make it.

hope you like my Tackk.

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3 years ago

M--you did a nice job of summarizing the story, but I would rather you spend more time sharing what you thought about the book. What did you think of Rodrick or of Greg? What is your opinion of the Beardos? State what you think about them and then support your opinion with evidence from the book. If you say that the Beardos are weird, then tell how you know that. Would you want to go on a family vacation like this one?

3 years ago

I liked your list of unfamiliar words. There are some interesting ones on there. We talk about spectrums when there can be a range of things--like a range of colors of the rainbow is one spectrum. We talked in class about autism being a spectrum disorder because there are so many different ways that kids can be affected--some more seriously than others.

3 years ago

Make sure you read your Tackk out loud to see if you have spelling errors or errors in punctuation. Also, check for words that should be capitalized and correct apostrophe use. :) I'm glad you are enjoying the book!

10 months ago

the rest of the book?