My Digital Portfolio - Logan Watson 7th Period

Keynote Presentations

In this unit we learned how to use Keynote, a slideshow application, to create presentations.

Video Production

In this unit we learned how to film our own movie trailers/videos using different techniques to engage the viewer.

Sound Engineering

In the Sound Engineering unit, we learned to use Audacity to modify different sounds to how we wanted it to sound, such as trimming an audio clip. Also with this program you can do more than just trim, you can change the pitch of someone's voice, withdraw the vocals out of a song and result in an instrumental, speed up the audio, and much more.


In the Photoshop unit, we used Photoshop to edit pictures to our liking. With photoshop we collided 2 images together to form a red barn with a chicken (the other picture), made an older woman look younger than she was, made a woman's tongue a frog, and much more. This application is used by many people across the world, such as fashion companies who edit their models and make them seem better looking than they are.

Desktop Publishing/Pages

In this unit we learned how to make business cards for our own personal business to hand out to people. These contained our phone numbers, company name, and what we had to offer.


For the Animation unit, we learned how to create stop-motion movies ourselves and learned the different kinds of movies/videos you can film. The stop-motion movie that we filmed, we had to take many pictures. We would take a picture, slightly move the object, then take another picture and so on.

Fashion Design

In Fashion Design, the class learned the different types of fabric used to create different kinds of apparel and different brands and companies that make apparel, and we even created our own website with our own apparel that we designed using photoshop and set it up like an online store.

Game Design

Game Design was our last unit that we learned during the school year. During this unit we learned how to create our own game on a website and we later created our own game using the website and had our other classmates test our games out.

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