Benjamin Graybill and Jacob Musone

Swiss Confederation


Not part of EU

Gov. Form: confederation

Capitol: Bern

Majority Religion: Roman Catholic

Founded in 1291

Secured independence from HRE in 1499

Known for being neutral (didn't join either world wars)

Life expectancy: about 83 as of 2011

Population: about 8,000,000

Poverty Rate: 7.9%

Unemployment: 2.9% (2013 estimate)

Labor force:4.976 million

18 thousand people with aids

Obesity rate: 17.5%
GDP: 631.2 billion dollars

Budget: 210 billion dollars

Money spent: 208.5 billion dollars

Debt: 34.3% of GDP

Official Laguage: German (64.9%), French (22.6%), Italian (8.3%), Romansch (0.5%)

Ethnic groups: 65% German, 18% French, 10% Italian, 1% Romansch, 6% other.

Internet users: 6.152 million

International Disputes: none

Refugees: 10,981 (Eritrea)

Illicit drugs: Problems with offshore entities like South American cocaine, Southwest Asian heroin, Western European synthetics, and limited ecstasy production.

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