Blue Ringed Octopus

By Hannah Thomson


There arent as many Blue Ringed Octopuses as other types of octopus. They are reside in the Pacific Ocean, especially around Japan and Australia. they find different homes every few weeks for safety. The Blue Ringed Octopus hunt during the night and are very good at it. They mainly feed on shrimp, fish and hermit crabs. Their predators include eels, whales and birds but these animals can also become prey for the Blue Ringed Octopus. Humans also hunt the Blue Ringed Octopus to protect themselves from the venom of the octopuses.


The Blue Ringed Octopus produce by cross-fertilisation. They are naturally agressive but they change tune when they are ready to mate. The female keeps pushing the male away but after a while the female is ready to do whatever it takes to get the male to go away. To mate, the male inserts his modified arm, or his hectocotylus, which holds rows of sperm into her mantle cavity repeatedly. The male can also take off the arm and give it to the female to store in her mantle later. The female keeps the arm until she lays her eggs, then she takes the arm out and spreads the sperm over her eggs to fertilize them. After the male and female mate they go seperate ways. The females develop 50 eggs inside their bodies and then place them under their arms using the suction pads to keep them in place. So it is internal followed by external development.


The eggs under the females arms develop there for around 6 months. The female doesn't eat during that time and devotes its time to caring and protecting the eggs. as soon as the eggs hatch the female dies. The male dies after mating after a few days or a few weeks.

Parental Care

The female Blue Ringed Octopus cares meticiuosly for the eggs, blowing on them to keep them clean and protects them from predators. After the eggs hatch the female ocotopus dies, the male is already dead. The eggs reach maturity and are able to mate in around a year.

interesting facts

The blue rings are only visible when the Blue Ringed octopus is about to attack.

The octopus has a small, bird-like beak that can bite you through your wetsuit.

Even though the Blue Ringed octopus is only the size of a golf ball, it can kill 26 humans in a matter of minutes with its poison

The poison comes from the saliva.

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