Alternate Ending for "Papa's Parrot"      By: Lucy Mobley

Harry raced in his car down to the Emergency Room where his papa awaited him. He followed the nurse in a panic and walked into the room to see his papa hooked up to a heart monitor. "Papa!!! Oh my god Papa I'm sorry!" He shouted...but Harry didn't get a response. He began to tear up at the side of the bed. The doctor walked in and sighed. "Harry...i'm afraid there is nothing I can do. Mr. Tillian here, has experienced Cardiac Arrest. We can keep him hooked up on life support....or....let him pass, and end his suffering. Harry began to cry like never before. His friend walked in the room, holding Rocky the parrot in a cage. Harry nodded slowly as the doctor unplugged the life support machine and the heart monitor let out a long loud beep. "7:36 PM" the doctor announced. Harry couldn't stop crying and his friend  patted his back, also tearing up. But just then, something made Harry and his friend stop and listen. Rocky squawked, "Hey listen". They took time to look at the bird. Rocky opened his beak. "I'll always love you Harry".

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