Journey to School

Imagine you are one of the children in the picture. Can you write about your journey to school?

You might write it as a diary entry, or a recount.

You could even write a balanced piece about whether it is better to go to your school or the school the children in the picture are going to.

You could consider some of the following questions…

How is their journey to school different to yours?

Where do you think they are? What country might it be?

How long do you think it takes them to get to school?

What time is it in the picture?

What do you think they all had for breakfast?

What do they have inside their rucksacks?

Where are their parents?

What is their school/teacher like? How is it similar/different to yours?

Are the children happy?

Can you write a compound sentence, where a colon separates two independent clauses?
The first independent clause describes something and the second gives extra detail.
E.g. The journey was tough: we had to paddle for hours.
It is better to go to school in the jungle: they don’t have any traffic to worry about!

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help? Could you add an adverb?

The children paddled through the water. It was hot.

Imagine what their school looks like when they finally get there. Draw or describe what it might be like.