Civil War Journal

Matthew Rahfaldt

Journal 1

I am James Rahfaldt. My family is very small, all I have left alive, is my mom. We live in Chicago, Illinois, in a small brick house. I go to school every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, the other days I work in a factory. I want more with my life and want to avenge my dad and my two brothers, Tom and Will. I'm 15 too young for war, but I will lie. My friend Charles is also 15, and he's fighting with the 54th Regiment of the Union. I'm going to join the same Regiment. I have enlisted.

Gloomy day at camp

Journal 2

Will: That battle, we whipped them.

James: The hornets were flying then

Will: They were fresh fish though.

James: They started to skedaddle right as the first gun shot. we got them though

will: Dem sawbones will have a tough job tonight

Wait A little bit

James: My breadbox is rumbling and I am played out

Will: Here have a sheet iron cracker

James: Yum, that hits the spot. Thanks for being my best possum you are top rail.

Will: You too

Wait a little

James: That cracker you gave me made me sick

Will: Aw shucks

Journal 3

Dear Mom,

I love you very dear

Camp life is very hard. We have to do drills over and over and over again. Once we did a drill for seven hours straight. One boy younger than me probably, bout 14 refused to do the drills so, as a punishment we tied him to a tree upside down for a while. My tent has to clean dishes and clean the tents of our whole regiment every night. The camp in Pennsylvania is hard to live at.

Please send pickle so I can munch on them. Love James

Just woke. Going to take a shower.

Journal 4

Interview with Jeremiah

When creating our story we read pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, and 13

Interview question 1

Jeremiah, when you chose to ___Go to war_____,
what caused you to make that choice?

Jeremiah: I wanted to serve with my brother and I could not run the farm because I am not a good farmer.  My father said that blacks have always been a slave. I know that my Mom will need help but I'm not the one to help.

Interview question 2

Jeremiah, looking back what is something in your life that you are proud or
happy about?

I am very proud of my self  because I told the General the truth. I'm not sure that he really cared. It was a real confidence booster though because people my age could still help out. I sometimes miss my mum.

Interview question 3

Jeremiah, what is one thing about your life you wish had been different?

I wish that I chose to be in the rife squad instead  of drummer  boy I like that I told the truth, but I would of been having a better time with the army.

Interview question 4

Jeremiah, how is your mom?

She died, I miss her very much. I wish she would of wrote me before she died. She had a heart attack. "WAAAHHH!"

Some cards at camp.

Journal 5

I sit at camp waiting for something to happen eating hardtack. My friend Charles died due to major dehydration.   Lastly I have been playing cards with Will and other friends. My favorite food is regular beef. It is cooked barely but it is the best we got out here

Journal 6

Repeat Over and Over

Chief Cook and bottle washer

I be able to do any thing

fight the south

keep the freedom

And return to my home

Those fit to be tied greybacks

will need to be sawboned

when the hornets come flying in

The medic camp after a battle.

Journal 7

A illness that I have seen a lot is dehydration. Many people including my best friend Charles  have died because of it . Another illness that soldiers get is a infection. This is usually treated with amputating. A lot of people are dying cause of this war, I hope that it ends soon.

My memories

Journal 8


I not sure that I have one. I have a house but not a home.

Everybody that I love died.

My mom


My dad

My brothers

For Will leaving the war is going home

For Me its just leaving the war

Those 4 years that I served were just days that I couldn't be will the people I love

The only home I have is the memories of the people that I loved

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