Payton Strouse

Photography Portfolio

Looking up from the bottom

I took this picture for a elements project in photojournalism, the element was texture.

brush away

You may be wondering what this is, take a guess. Its the bottom of a broom.

Eye of the tiger

I took this picture at the Cameron Park Zoo, with a little extra focus i was able to blur out the fence.


This was taken at Cameron Park Zoo, the Meerkat, got the name poser because he is alway ready for pictures.


I shot this picture of my 11 year old brother, Parker, for a portrait assignment, i tried my best to have the focus on the ball.


This is a shot I took of my friend ,Kaylin Choins, her smile is key and it really makes the whole picture.

Let Loose

This natural lighting in this picture is perfect, and her hair flared out is what I love most about this.

Look up

With the help of photoshop all the colors really pop and the picture really stands out.


This picture was taken from my hotel blacony(ocean view) in Galveston during my winter vacation. I love how the sun meets the water and all the darker colors look smooth together.


This picture was just taken on my free time in my backyard. I tried to focus really good in on the flower and i love how its so focused that you can see the water drops.

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