Gold Rush in the Yukon  

Gold Miners find gold in Yukon

Where was the first Gold Nugget found in the Yukon?

The first gold nugget was found in a creek going to the Klondike river. Found in august 1896 18. They also found three tons of gold.

What did a miner need?

They needed a shovel,pick,mining pan,blankets,tent,they also needed clothing.  

What were boom towns ?

They were towns that were built fast in gold areas.about 100,000 people went to the Klondike to find gold. A typical boom town had a bank,stores,saloon,barber shop,there was also a Fargo bank.   

How does this historical event continue to impact our lives today what lessons did we learn from this event?

It impacts our lives today because we can have like gold rings.The gold rush was a big thing if you wanted to get rich you had to work hard.


Walker, Paul Robert. Gold Rush and Riches. New York: Kingfisher, 2011. Print.

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3 years ago

how much gold was there?

3 years ago

three tons of gold