by: Jaxon 1st period

John with brown chocolate hair

John of thoes bright blue eyes

John whose house was as big as the moon.

is the nicest coolest kid you will ever know

buys the coolest cloths and shoes

eats food only from across the world

walks around town with confidence and swagger

pockets are always full of cash

jumps over the curbs like their lava.

John is a track star and the captain of the football team

runs as fast as a cheetah

yell as loud as a lion

because he gets mad at his brothers.

John inside that red polo shirt

inside that one hundred ten pound body

inside that head that is always thinking

is the smartest kid in school

knocks on peoples doors to wake them up for practice

runs to the locker room to get dressed

jumps over the sidewalks to get to the field

walks to the line to line up for warm up

sprints to the sideline waiting to go back in.

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