My life at high school

With this tackk I want to resume my whole life at high school, which has been incredible.  I've lived unforgettable moments and others not so good, just as everybody, but I'm sure it has been a crucial period for me and my academic training.

The following song is one of those that has a special meaning for me, I first listened to it when I was studying 2nd of ESO.

I think that the first and second year were like an introduction, they were the previous steps to something better that was waiting for me (I have to say that people in my class weren't very hard-working).  The clue year was third of ESO.   It was a special year where technology subject was taught in English, but I remember the teachers speaking spanglish and looking up words in the dictionary.  In that class everybody got on well with everybody, something very positive that helped us to deal with stress.  If I had to choose a relevant teacher, I would definetely choose Mª Carmen Cañizares, our biology teacher.  She was unique, simpathetic and we never got bored at her classes.

During the third term, we had to practise for our year-end dance.  The result was awesome!!!

Another song which has been special for me is the following.

My class was so united that we met at the beginning of summer to go to the beach.  Afterwards we all got sunburnt!!!

I have to say that the following year, 4th of ESO, was quite strange.  It was very poor compared to the other, because there were many retakers and we did nothing in class.  However, we laughed a lot there, making jokes about our teacher Francesc, Perleta for friends.  That was a year which didn't stand out for being productive, but for the emotions I felt during it.  This is because I started going out with my current partner, Angel :)) 

At the end, we made a "pre-graduation party" in Pastel disco to celebrate we had finished our ESO studies.  It was very funny because we had to disguise ourselves.

Other songs which are special for me are the following.

Then Bachillerato arrived, and most people that were in my  3rd ESO class appeared again and I was happy because I already knew all of them.  We lived memorable moments and had memorable teachers, such as Nidia or Leopoldo, who retired the same year.  My class gave him a present for this, and he nearly cried because he didn't expect that gift :)  But I think that we all remember 1st of Bachillerato for physical education dances.  We made a lot of effort in that dance, we had been practising during months... When we represented it in front of everybody, I was a bit nervous and excited at the same time.  I can't describe the feeling after the last song finished, a great weight seemed to have been lifted from my shoulders.  I will always remember it :) This is the dance of my class, 1st BACH B:

Final conclusion

Now there is one month of classes left and we have to prepare for Selectividad.  Although this course hasn't finished yet, I notice how difficult things have become in a year.  2nd of Bachillerato is a very demanding course, but at the same time the most motivating one. 

Now that I'm here, I look back and remember how far away it seemed to me 2nd of Bachillerato, or even Bachillerato itself.  The truth is that we have lived our whole adolescence at high school, and that is 6 years of our life. 

At this moment, I can't stop thinking about Selectividad and university, I am getting nervous little by little, but I am also aware of the world I am leaving.

Although I want to escape from this high school right now, I recognise that when I'm at university I will miss everybody and only the good memories will remain :)

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